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My company was founded in2019Years01Month03Day,Registered in shandong province dezhou city day qu DE xian street street office3777Northeast Texas city hardware area22Buildingaa0002Layer7Number,Scope of business is the reducer、The elevator、Coupling、Transmission equipment、Mechanical and electrical equipment、Hardware products and accessories sales。,The main business screw lift,Reducer, etc,The registered capital300Ten thousand yuan。The company is located in dezhou city day qu DE xian street street office3777Number,Reducer、Variable speed machine of well-known private companies in the industry。As a professional planet cycloidal reducer production(Processing)The company,The company USES the excellent network technology and strict management system,Adhere to“Let customer satisfaction,Profit for our customers”For the purpose of the service,To serve our customers heart and soul。

Planet cycloidal reducer,Planet cycloidal reducer,Mini cycloid speed reducer
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